Running Siesta tests from Atom or Sublime

This post is not about how to use Siesta for unit testing, more a quick guide on how to get setup using PhatomJS to run your tests from Atom or Sublime.

The main benefit to using this over the standard web ui is speed. From a keyboard shortcut you can have your test pass or fail within a second.


My current IDE of choice so i'll go over the setup for this one first.

Firstly install this package which allows you to build your current project directly from atom.

Once you have done that all you no need to do is create a .atom-build.json file which tells the package how to build your project.

Example .atom-build.json file.

    "cmd": "PATH_TO_SIESTA/bin/phantomjs",
    "args": [ "LOCALHOST/test.html", "--filter {FILE_ACTIVE_NAME}"],
    "sh": true

By using --filter we are telling PhantomJS to only run the test we are looking at within our IDE.


Luckily Sublime supports build systems out of the box so no packages are needed to be installed.

To create a new build system go tools > build systems > new build system.

Example siesta.sublime-build.

    "cmd" : ["PATH_TO_SIESTA/bin/phantomjs LOCALHOST/test.html --filter $file_name"],
    "shell": true

No you just need to ensure you are using this build system for your project and you can now run a single test just like in Atom.

MacBook Air Review

Bit of background

I have been wanting to get a new MacBook for a while, specifically a MacBook Air however the fact that they are still do not have a retina screen has put me off. When I noticed that Apple was about to release a slightly improved version of the MacBook Air, I knew it was the right time to pick one up.

So, a new base 11" model was now £749. A pretty good price to be honest but it got even better. They put up the remaining 2013 models for even cheaper. I managed to get a base 11" mid 2013 Air for £599. That a great bargain if I've ever seen one! If you're quick there might still be some left.

On to the review

Lets first look at some facts about this piece of kit compared to the new mid 2014 model.

So we've established it really is a great bargain, but what about using it day to day.

It's a joy. The 11" form factor is super portable, weighs next to nothing and the screen doesn't feel like it's too small at any point due to OS X and the various features and multi-touch gestures.

For doing web development work there's more than enough power. I'm not sure if i'll regret only getting 4gb of RAM later but right now it's plenty.

The battery life is seriously good. What is also great but not really a mentioned feature is the speed in which the battery charges up.

Overall I'm very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend anyone picking one up, especially at the £599 price point!